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Shipping Costs

Most small (light) orders up to 2 pounds go Priority Mail and cost a minimum of $8.50.
UPS orders include a minimum package price of $15.00 with a fee of $1.00 per pound.
Its better to send extra - any left over will be refunded, or call for a price quote.

Shipping Instructions


Must CALL before sending any work in - I am severly decreasing my magneto work.

Then please do the following:

Please package the items carefully.  It is best to wrap them in bubble wrap or foam rubber.
Use a good sturdy cardboard box that is at least 6 inches larger than the item/items.  This
is very important that you tightly pack 3 inches of crushed newspaper on all sides, including
the top and bottom.  UPS or Mail will not pay any claims if these requirements are not met.
Make sure to tape the box together with sturdy tape so it doesn't come open before delivery.
Be sure to insure boxes for at least the cost of replacement, the options of insurance are
fairly reasonable.  I prefer UPS but Mail will get here.
Be sure to include your Name, Address and Phone Number inside the box.  If you
intend to use a credit card, please send the number, but not the expiration date.  I will call 
you to get it. I will also call with a price quote as soon as we can get to it or before work is 
started on it.



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