Repair Work

Repair Work

Please call before sending repair work to us!

Please package the items carefully. It is best to wrap them in bubble wrap or foam rubber. Use a good sturdy cardboard box that is at least 6 inches larger than the item/items. It is very important that you tightly pack 3 inches of crushed newspaper on all sides, including the top and bottom. UPS or Mail will not pay any claims if these requirements are not met. Make sure to tape the box together with sturdy tape so it doesn’t come open before delivery. Be sure to insure boxes for at least the cost of replacement, the options of insurance are fairly reasonable.

PLEASE Include your name, address and phone number with every shipment!

 Services offered

This is a partial list, we are always doing other custom work on a case by case basis. Our shop is well equipped to handle many types of repair jobs. Best to call and inquire with your needs.

John Deere Governors

We can repair your broken JD Governor gears and replace the threaded end as required.

 Threaded End $60.00

 Replace The Gear (1.5-3hp) $65.00

 Replace The Gear (6hp) $75.00


 Helicoil Mag Base Bolts $25.00+

 Install New Bases On JD Mag $110.00

 Install New Bases On "L" IHC $100.00

 Magnet charging $20

 Magneto Repair Varies

 Ignitor Repair Varies

 All prices listed are labor only and subject to adjustment depending on the severity of a job or actual time taken. They do not include any parts or shop supplies.